Cheer Up Charlie


People with anxiety:

  • Know the worry is irrational
  • Want to calm down but can’t
  • Hate the fact that breathing feels like you are trying to breathe rocks instead of air
  • Feel like they are drowning and suffocating.  Telling them to just take a breath and calm down doesnt help.
  • Want to stop shaking but can’t control their limbs.
  • Just plain feel horrible and embarrassed.



Just a few more I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday. Thank you Emily for the lovely shots.

Oh my GOSH! Heart eyes for dayssss! Look at this beautiful darling! You are a dream!

*whispers* Lesbifriends
Happy for the first time in so long

Happy for the first time in so long


sometimes all u can say is “yikes” and just move tf on lol


Robin Williams bonding with Koko, the gorilla, to quell your sads.